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Session Schedule


Session Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow - Flowing Hatha yoga practice for people who would like to increase their flexibility, strength and stamina. Your instructor will guide you through a flowing series of poses and breathwork that will leave your body feeling renewed and restored. 

Gentle Flow Yoga 
- One hour of gentle vinyasa flow to get you familiar with some of the most common yoga positions and movements. After just a few classes you will notice a difference in your strength and flexibility.                

Sunset Yoga - Hatha yoga practice with a Vinyasa flow. In this session your instructor will guide you through a series of poses that will help you explore the interrelationship of breath, strength and balance. This session is in the evening with very low lighting to allow a greater challenge to your balance and a deeper sense of calm to your meditation. 

Slow Flow Yoga
- Vinyasa flow yoga with each pose expressed in a slow, focused movement and held longer than in a traditional vinyasa flow class. You are able to feel your alignment in each pose and make small adjustments to deepen and expand your expression of each pose.

Sunday Morning Yoga - Everyone is welcome at this session. Your instructor will guide you through a series of yoga poses that will leave you feeling centered, invigorated and ready for your day.

Private sessions are available for all levels. Call 760-663-3056 or email for more information.

Winter Session Pricing

$25/Monthly Pass
$25/per hour Private Session
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